Monday, June 27, 2011

The Good Things In My Life

I have many, many events and people that create positive power in my life.  Winston, my fur baby, is with me every opportunity I can include him.  If I was allowed, he would be going to work with me.  It is our unconditional love for each other.  Living on a 45 foot boat makes it even more obvious how much he likes to be in my space – he follows me from one room to the next – and I only have five rooms on the boat. 

Meghan, my daughter, is getting married on July 9.  I cannot think of a more happier and positive event for me to be a part of.  The planning has taken place, now we action the plans.  I expect Meg’s wedding will be like most, last minute items to give a bride last minute anxiety.  A wedding is not complete without a ‘Hen Party”.  Just this past weekend Rebecca organized Meghan’s bachelorette party in Victoria.  I had an amazingly good time out and about with 20 something girls.  When it came time to hit the night clubs it was time for this Party Momma to say goodnight. 

I love going to the Comox Valley to visit the grands.  Three grand-daughters and two extra little girls bring me much love and entertainment.  We visit the beach, the swimming pool, have park picnics and just hang out.  It brings pure joy to my heart to spend time with Rayna, Juliet, Amelia, Gracie and Mikayla. 

My son, Stewart, is honing his photography skills.  When we get together we talk photography.  I am sure it will be Stew who helps bring that passion of photography into my life.  We have some ideas up our sleeves to help each other along. 

What on earth have I gotten myself into… another half marathon.  Meg and I did the San Francisco Nike Women’s Half Marathon last October.  We were looking for another but I was overwhelmed with decision of when, travel to and from, expenses  etc.  The conclusion was in my own back yard.  We have now signed up for the Royal Victoria Half Marathon on October 9, 2011.  Let the training begin.  It has been shameful to know that a few months ago I could run 22K.  Today I am happy to run 6K.  I have my work cut out for me.  It will be physical, mental and emotion but the rewards will be healing.  Meg and I are hoping that Kirsten will join us.  Let the workouts begin!

Next on y wish list of things to do is the Bahamas.  I have friends who have purchased a condo down there.  Paradise!  My intent is to visit them in 2012 for a week or two.  And third on my wish list is to participate in the Vic-Maui Yacht Race in May 2012.  This is in the pre-preliminary stages of planning.  I first need to find a skipper who will take me on board.  Then training will follow.  Participating in the Vic-Maui race will be for me and for Ron.  We have always wanted to cross an ocean.  The Pacific will work for me!

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