Monday, December 26, 2011

A Stormy Peace

Tofino has been experiencing some of its highest tides of the year.  The tides have been high at mid day.  Not only have the tides been high, the winds have been predicted to be 35 knots plus.  For those of you not familiar with knots, for a rough estimate just double and you will get the idea of the wind speed. 

Stormy Tofino; peaceful Janice.  I know many of you have been concerned that I wanted to be alone for Christmas.  Let me assure you, while there has been emotion and tears, it was the perfect decision for me.  Visiting places where Ron and I have been together brings me peace.  It is therapeutic – really it is - for it also develops my strength and evaporates the blur from my psyche. 

I arrived on December 23.  My neighbours Tim and Tara arrived on December 24.  They are staying in the building next to mine.  We shared Christmas Eve dinner at Tim and Tara’s while catching up.  While we are neighbours at the same dock, because of winter, darkness and our personal schedules, we have rarely seen each other since September.  We have to text to stay in touch.  So, to be in each other’s company was great.

Christmas morning, I was fortunate enough to be visited by one of Santa’s elfs.  His name is TME (pronounced Timmy).  Remarkably, he looked a lot like my neighbor Tim.  TME delivered a Christmas stocking filled with delightful surprises for Winston and me.  As Tim and Tara have a deluxe suite, Winston and I trundled off for a Christmas breakfast of Eggs Benny and then a walk on Cox Bay beach in a fine winter storm.  We are all sailors so we have the gear to stay warm and dry.  

In the afternoon we retreated to our respective units for a rest.  I also had volunteered to bring the turkey so my afternoon task was to stuff and cook Tom.  While Thomas T Turkey was filing my unit was aroma de turkey, we went for another walk on the beach.  Let me add here that Winston is enjoying our space as much if not more than I.  As I type he is in a full on snore from many long beach and trail walks.

Dinner was delicious and plentiful; turkey, stuffing, cranberries and vegetables.  We pushed ourselves away from the table with not a speck of space in our bellies for a morsel more.

Today, we had plans to once again breakfast together but not surprising, we were still stuffed from last night.  Winston and I headed to Ucluelet  to the Wild Pacific Trail for a coastal walk.  I also took the opportunity to explore some of the other beaches.  Let me say that while the sun is not shining, everything at this time of year is as spectacular as the warm spring and summer weather.  I highly recommend you come for a visit. 

Sadly tomorrow we must leave.  I will trundle off to the Comox Valley to visit my kids, grand daughters, dad and sister as well as other family members.  Happy holidays!

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  1. Janice, Thank you for sharing your Christmas with us. I think we celebrated what truly is important - love and friendship. T & T