Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Last Christmas Card

When Ron and I would purchase cards for each other the words were very important for it.  A card that stated something that we did not feel in our heart was not good enough.  If we couldn’t find the perfect card then we would purchase a blank card and write our own message. 

Ron always picked a card that always had the word WIFE front and centre.  He loved calling me his wife – not in a possessive way but in a kind, loving and protective way.

Ron, in pain with cancer and knowing his days were finite, chose this card for me.

The envelope has my name written as Ron would – Janice – with a little backhand slant.  Ron is left handed.  Ron did not simply dot the i, he drew a little heart above it.  The card itself is red and white on the front.  The picture in the centre has subtle overtones of Christmas.  It quite simply a bouquet of white roses with sprigs of red buds tastefully arranged in a red vase.  The words on the front – above the picture  read 
For my WIFE 

and below the picture  

I Love Our Life Together

Inside the paper is a tone off white with a red border.  On the inside left hand side the heartfelt and undying words are:

I feel so good about us…
When I think about
all we’ve come through together –
the problems we’ve solved
and the challenges we’ve met
I honestly feel
that we make a perfect team.
I believe we were meant
to find each other,
and when we finally did,
there was absolutely no doubt
that our lives would change forever…
and they have.

On the right hand side:

You’ve touched my heart
in ways
no one else ever could,
and I will love you
until the end of time.

Merry Christmas

And Ron wrote:

My Darling Wife
I love you so very much, now, always and forever.
We shall sail those seas!
All my love,

My wish for you is to discover the love that Ron and I shared.  Dare to love so deeply for it is worth it.  Yes, if one of you has to move on to the next life before the other, we pay the price of agonizing grief.  Know that you will be OK.  I am.  To have been loved so deeply by my husband is something that no one can take away from me. 

Merry Christmas from Tofino

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