Saturday, July 9, 2011

With A Little Help From My Friends

And of course daughter and son...

Today is Meghan's wedding  It has been a buzz of activity and that has been good for me.  Thursday morning was not so good for me.  I was exhausted from a very unsettled night and found myself with the weeping continuing into the day on Thursday.  I packed up to be with family and friends in the Comox Valley.  Once I arrived I felt much better and much settled.  

Let me rephrase that... I was kept so busy I didn't have time to think about  my woes.  Running around, consults with the bride, shopping for food, food preparation, consults with the bride, food delivery, consults with the bride, decorating, consults with the bride, table setting and more consults with the bride.  You get the picture. 

A huge thank you to Bill and Leanne for opening their doors and the use of their gourmet kitchen for the food preparation and their tireless efforts on the multi tasks that go along with the day before the wedding panic.

The big day is here!  I have been awake since 0500.  Today I know that Ron is with me.  He will want Meghan to have the best day ever.  Thank you to those who have reassured me that Ron will be here.  I believe that it has added to my strenght for the day.  Off I go... stay tuned and I promise to post a picture or two. 

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