Thursday, July 14, 2011

Meghan & Blair - July 9, 2011

Weather Report:  Clear blue skies, sunny, warm and a gentle breeze. 

The morning of wedding day was full of as much energy as the days leading up to the wedding.  We now have to make the commitment to venture to the venue.  Nothing more can be done in the Comox Valley.  Off we go.  Meghan and her iPhone was multi-tasking on the ride between Comox Valley and Saratoga Beach (next door to Miracle Beach).  I could not help but think of what we did before the “SMART” phone.  We arrived and let it be sufficient for me to say that a few last minute details captured Meghan’s attention before retreating to the Mother-of-the-Brides’s cabin.  The cabin was a hub of activity with so many people:  the bride, the mother of the bride, maid of honour, bride attendant, two flower girls, mother of flower girls, photographer and photographer assistant.  Whew!  Have I missed anyone?  Winston, my fur baby, watched the commotion from his blanket tucked in the corner.

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.  Meghan’s engagement ring was that of Blair’s nana when she was first engaged – something old.  Meghan’s beautiful strapless and form fitting wedding gown, a gift from me and Ron, was something new.  A green bead from my Chamilia bracelet was something borrowed.  For something blue, Meghan chose sapphire earrings tearfully and lovingly pinned to the underside of her dress.  These earrings were a gift to Meghan from Ron many years ago.

I am going to take a few sentences to digress.  In July of 2010 Ron and I had some boxes at my father’s that needed to be sorted.  As usual, Meg was there to help.  In one of the boxes was a pair of LABBATS sunglasses.  They were dark blue had a retro look but they were the real thing.  Ron had won those glasses in a ski race in March 1985.  I know this because I was in the same race and on the same team as Ron.  Meghan was just three months old.   I too won glasses but mine were white and I lost track of them years ago. 
Meghan donned the glasses and announced, “ I am wearing these when I walk down the aisle with Blair.”  Little did she, or I, or Ron could have guessed what was about to happen later that afternoon.  Blair, at Nana’s place in the country, proposed to Meghan!  Coincidence or what???  Meghan wore the sunglasses, as declared, down the sandy aisle at Saratoga Beach. 

The bride was stunning, the groom striking.  Minutes after the ceremony, Bill an esteemed friend of Ron’s, found Meghan in a rare moment alone.  He approached her, lowered his 6’4’’ frame to Meghan’s 5’3’’.  He gently and softly spoke the following words “Ron asked me to tell you that he is here watching and that he loves you very much and he is so very happy for you.”  Ron was with us – words from Bill, the sunglasses, the earrings and the love for all. 

It was an amazing day.  What is more amazing is that Bill kept this a secret for five months.  What is even more amazing is my husband, Ron; to be hours away from dying and thinking of anyone but himself.  

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