Monday, August 26, 2013

Old Friends and New Friends

Neptune guarding Lund

Yesterday was a good grounding day for me.  Sometimes I feel a little displaced or lost and a day like yesterday is just what I needed. 

First thing in the morning I did a few boat chores. One of them is cleaning out the bilge.  And did I tell you that my wobbly shaft problem is back.  Me thinks wobbly shaft and water in the bilge is a hand-in-hand challenge.  For the life of me, I cannot determine where the water is coming in.  I have checked all the thru-hulls, I have checked the keel bolts, I have checked the holding tank couplings, I have checked everything I know about and I am still baffled.  I know it is salt water because the first thing you do is — taste it.

Regardless, I did my morning chores, then rowed into downtown Lund, a five minute row to shore however, I take the scenic route past the shoreline.  With computer in hand I strolled to Nancy’s Bakery for a cup of decaf and one of her delicious raisin cinnamon buns.  While at Nancy’s I got caught up on emails, some research and the all-important bill paying. 

Once done at Nancy’s, I strolled around the outside of the Lund Hotel.  I discovered a
Finn Cove
not-so-well marked gift shop and happened along a traditional cedar weaving class.  The ladies I chatted with, Betty, Juhli, Allison and Jeannie were working on hats.  In my humble opinion they were doing an amazing job.  Thank you ladies for letting me take your pictures! Inside, four people were working on baskets and the joke was that they were getting ready for the old-folks home. 

In talking to the instructor (and I failed to get her name) they only have harvested enough cedar bark for one more class in October.  I am thinking that spring would be a good time for me to take in one of the classes with a stay at the Lund Hotel.  I believe the organizers offer a seafood feast lunch on one of the days. Who wants to join me?  It would be an amazing girls weekend!

For more information on what this First Nations group has to offer visit IHOSTOURS.COM

After my stroll about town, I headed back to Ta Daa.  Friends on Did It would be arriving in Lund around 1400 so I decided to go kayaking before they arrived.  I had an awesome paddle for 1.5 hours.  I am building up my stamina and working on my technique.  When I paddle I always take my hand-held VHF radio – just in case.  I was happy I did this time as I was able to communicate with Did It as they arrived in Lund.

Kayaking is bliss.
Shortly after I returned to Ta Daa and was putting away my kayak gear a sailboat pulled up in front of me.  As always, I lend a hand with lines.  SV Rhino was a heavy little boat.  The sailors stepped off and were two of the thankful and friendliest people I had met.  It was not windy, the conditions were not adverse, they were just genuinely thankful to an extra hand with the lines.  At the moment Rhino docked, Len and Giselle from Did It dinghied over to my floating dock.  There were hugs hello and immediate plans to have a potluck on Floating Dock 4 at 1830.  I invited new friends Connie and Rick from Rhino.  Oh my, what am I going to create for a potluck dish — the pressure is on!

Len and Giselle wanted to head to Nancy’s for a cinnamon bun before they were all gone.  I went with them, not for the bun, but to catch up and discuss the plans for the next couple of days.  First order of business was to check the weather; winds were forecast to build to 30 knots from the southeast.  That meant we would stay in Lund for two nights when the forecast was much more favourable. 

In the meantime, I had decided to make a black bean and quinoa salad so I popped into the General Store for the necessary cilantro.

And in the meantime, Len had heard from another friend, Steve, who hails from Westbay
A chair waiting to be sat in, a cider waiting to be consumed.
(my marina).  We had been in touch off and on and now he was headed to Lund!

Potluck at 1830!  It was more than a potluck — it was great stories, it was getting to know new friends, it was laughs (rolling on floor laughs) and delicious food.  We had baked chicken legs, smokies, clam pasta, deviled eggs and quinoa black bean salad.

Rick and Connie are from California and on their way home.  Giselle and I loved listening to her New Jersey accent.  She reminded me of Edith Bunker. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Edith.  Connie was a joy to listen to and she and Rick could banter while telling a story to get the lot of us laughing.

Old friends, new friends, and dog friends.
It was a beautiful evening with a gorgeous sunset and stars so thick you could cut them with a knife! 

Not sure why it was a good grounding day.  Maybe it was getting caught up on chores and doing some thing I had wanted to get done or maybe it was looking forward to seeing friends I had not seen for a couple months.  Who knows, it doesn’t matter.  It just was.

As I type, the white caps are building on the water.  The wind is blowing SE.  Boats are coming and going.  If you are heading north, 30 knots from the SE feels like 15.  If you are heading south, 30 knots feels like 60!  I am not sure why anyone would head south with a forecast of 30 knots SE.  Just sayin'...

Perhaps as I age, I am getting more cautious.  Perhaps it is because Ta Daa is my home and I have  lot to lose should something drastic happen.
You never know what you will find on the Lund whiteboard.

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