Saturday, August 24, 2013

Entertained In Lund

Kenmore Air arrives in Desolation Sound
My plans changed yet again.  I left Laura Cove with great anticipation that the winds were going to die down and I could anchor in the Copelands.

OK, I was a little taken aback when a Kenmore Air seaplane landed right beside me as I motored past Prideaux Haven.  Is it me?  Am I the only one who thinks this is just wrong?  Perhaps I do not understand the lifestyle of the rich or at least those who have crew to bring their boat to Desolation Sound so that you can fly in to meet it.  Where is the adventure, where is the journey to getting there? 

Crab boat in Lund
As I motored down Thulin Passage at the Copeland Islands,  the wind was whistling through at 15 – 20 knots from the SE.  I viewed my little anchorage as I glided past and it was not the place for me tonight.  First, it would have been tough to stern tie in the wind and second, if my tie released in the night I would have no swing room for the scope I would prefer to have out in such winds.  Alas, I kept motoring to Lund. 

Lund was an appropriate alternate.  I wanted to top up my fuel and water, and I wanted to provision for another two weeks. I am not sure why I didn’t pay more attention to my supplies when I was in Campbell River but I did not.  I have food but I could do with some more variety.

Downwind sailing
As I neared Lund — one nautical mile away to be exact — I radioed Lund Marina on 73A (note they are not 66A like ALL other marinas on the coast).  Lund Marina, Lund Marina, Lund Marina this is Ta Daa, Ta Daa, Ta Daa.  I waited for a response.  A happy and boisterous voice replied, “Janice and Ta Daa, welcome back to Lund! Yes, we have room for you.”  It was Joe.  He remembered me from last visit.

Did I feel special or what?  I fueled and watered then docked at the breakwater.  I performed my usual after-cruise chores plus a couple extras.  I had to douse my anchor with water.  When I raised anchor in Laura Cove I raised a good portion of the bottom with my anchor thus bringing Laura Cove to Lund via my anchor.

Rain over Major Island
I took my time but eventually rowed to shore to pay my moorage fees (very cheap here).  Joe seemed genuinely happy to see me.  He proceeded to tell me that I was the conversation over dinner last week.  It seems that he is impressed that I am single-handing and told his wife about me.  He is quite the character and we had an in-depth conversation about honouring loved ones that have left us, be it husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers or our closest friend.  Who would have thought that I would have such a conversation with a 40-something fella in Lund.

Funny thing, and this is the second time I have witnessed this (both times this summer) a seagull was eating a starfish.  He would not let me get close enough to take pictures. The experience was twofold; first weird because I was watching a starfish being devoured and second, it was one of the funniest things I have seen. 

A view of the world.
The starfish had to be, at minimum, the size of my hand.  Two legs were in the seagull’s mouth and three were reaching for life outside his mouth.  The seagull started swallowing the starfish whole!  I could not believe what I was seeing.  As the starfish was being swallowed, I could see the impression of his legs in the neck of the seagull.  Three or four slow and big swallows moved the starfish into the seagull stomach.  I was stunned and humoured by what I just saw.  Never before this year, and after all my life living near the ocean, had I seen such an event.  

I rowed back to the boat then indulged in a Strongbow cider.  To my delight the sky was spectacular with clouds, sun and sunrays.  Furthermore, someone on the dock was practicing his or her bagpipes.  I love the bagpipes — always have, always will.  It was a fitting way to say goodnight to the setting sun.  Now, as I type, the pub has a band playing rock’n roll.  I keep waiting for them to play Wipe Out!

Tomorrow, early morning, I will head to the bakery for a famous Nancy’s cinnamon bun
Lund Marina
and a decaf coffee.  Then I will hit the market and purchase a variety of fresh items to due me for the next couple of weeks.
Also, tomorrow, Len and Giselle, aboard SV Did It should be arriving about 4-ish, weather permitting.  It will be great to have company again and do some buddy boating.  

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