Friday, August 23, 2013

Forever Changing Plans

Stern tied in the Copelands.  Daydreams in background.
I set out from Campbell River at 1300 yesterday to catch the tide flowing in the correct direction for my destination — The Copland Islands.  I did my research in my numerous reference books.  The book(s) said that the particular place I was headed was good for all weather protection.  Sounded good to me.  Besides, in the Copelands I can kayak and kayak and kayak. 

Rounding Sara Point and entering Desolation Sound
By the time I got the anchor set and the stern tie secured it was 1715.  If any of you know about stern tying, it is not the most graceful act of securing a boat.  It literally is tying your stern to shore with a very, very, very long line.  The part that is not graceful is once you dinghy to shore you need to get out of the dinghy with the line in your hand, clamor up the shore to find a tree.  You then wrap the line around the tree and bring the end of the line back to the boat.  

For all the anchoring I have done this year, this was my first time stern tying this year.  It was not a pretty sight and I know that the neighbouring boats were taking in the entertainment.  When all was said and done, I updated the logbook, content that I was secure for the night.  Tomorrow was going to be an awesome day of kayaking.

No sooner had I closed my log book than I heard, “Hello, hello.”  I looked out and down to see a lady swimming to my boat.  “Would you like to come for happy appy hour,” she asked.  I looked around.  She was clearly talking to me.  Sure, I thought.  “In a half hour,” I asked.  She agreed and off she swam. 

Kayaking around Roffey Island
I finished my after-cruise chores, threw together some veggies and dip and rowed over to Daydreams, a 36’ sailboat.  A guy and three women gave me a hearty welcome.   I confirmed their curiosity that I am single-handing and shared my story.  It turns out that we have mutual acquaintances —six degrees of separation in this big wide world of ours. 

The norm for me (as it was for me and Ron) is that when I go to an anchorage, the first night I sleep in the cockpit.  I like to keep an eye on things, you know, just in case.  The moon was just a tad off full and was extremely bright.  It was a beautiful night. 

Biggest wild oysters I have ever seen — likely not edible.
I was awake at 0430 — wide awake.  I decided to check the weather report.  It was a change from yesterday; the wind had been upgraded to 20 – 30 knots from the southeast.  Hmmmmmm I am not liking what I am reading.  I tried to go back to sleep but my gut kept telling me that I needed to vacate the Copelands and go somewhere more protected from a southeast wind.  Do not, I repeat, do not ignore those gut feelings.  You have them for a reason.  I weighed anchor at 0830 as the wind was building.  I moved along to Laura Cove (I had been hear just last week) where I felt more secure. 

Waiting for high tide.
I was anchored by 1100 and just needed to stern tie.  This should be a smoother operation than yesterday…. Should being the operative word.  I handled the line better, that is a good thing.  For the neighbours, I gave them a good show of me slipping into the water butt high and managing to hang on to the dinghy to avoid slipping deeper.  Good thing the water is really warm… it was refreshing.  Now if Ron were here, he would be laughing and suggesting that I hold the pose until he gets his camera.  Sorry folks, no pictures of a wet Janice.

It has been a calm day with a few gusts of wind.  I went kayaking for an hour to explore a couple little islands in Homfray Channel. Note to self — wear gloves when paddling.  I am getting blisters in the crevice of my thumbs. 

Threatening sky.
As I type, the sky to the SW is bright but riddled with gray menacing clouds.  There are large patches of blue-white sky with a hint of pink.  Behind me, the mountaintops are enveloped in a big heavy gray cloud.  I will not be surprised if starts to rain soon.  

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