Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Crazy Six Weeks

One more sleep, one more day and I begin a new chapter in my life.

I cannot tell you the exact date but it was about a week after the anniversary of Ron’s passing.  I realized that I had spent a year honouring Ron and keeping his spirit alive.  I cannot imagine doing anything different.  While it was a year of pain it was also a year of acknowledgement and growth for me.  All the decisions I have made, looking back, I do not regret a single one. 

Decisions.  Some decisions were very difficult and painful, others were extremely simple and needed little thought.  Retirement, for instance, some would think it would be a drawn out process to come to a final decision.  Not for me, I gave it serious thought for about 24 hours.  I must confess I dabbled with the idea on February 22.  It was on that date I attended a pension seminar.  It was there I met Wolf, a pension counselor.  He kindly gave me his email.  Little did I know that we were a match; me with questions, he with answers.

I also, unconsciously, found myself one evening cruising the net.   For what, I did not know.  Does not matter because it is what I found that matters most.  It was a sight for photojournalism.  Better yet, it was a school and even better, it is in Victoria. 

Next.   If you remember in a previous post I wrote about my sitting in front of the appeal board on February 6.  On February 27 I received an email and telephone call revealing the results.  I had to read the email three times to ensure I was seeing what was actually written.  The telephone call confirmed it.  The appeal board ruled in MY favour.  It was a bittersweet moment.  I was happy yet I cried as I recalled the reason for the event – my grief for Ron. 

On February 28 I seriously thought about retirement.  Yes, there would be a difference between my pay cheque and my retirement cheque.  It was a difference I felt that I could live with and more than likely could make up doing something else.  Recall the photojournalism school.  It was meant to be.  The ideas were flowing and the decisions clicking.  On February 29 I handed in my resignation from the Province of British Columbia; it feels so good, it feels so right.

Somewhere in here I fit in a trip to Whistler to visit my good friend Cecilia.  We had the time of our lives; skate skiing, a day at the spa, and a biathalon.  Yes, you read right.  Cecilia signed us up for a beginner biathalon.  It was something I had always wanted to do.  Skating and shooting – something I need more practice at but if I lived in Whistler I could get hooked.  Practice round of shooting 0/5.  First race round 3/5 which garnered me two penalty ski loops.  Second race round I managed to hit 5/5 targets and no penalty loops.  My skate skiing sucked but I had a blast!

Needing to know more and true to my character, I researched the school, visited the premises, and interviewed one of the instructors.  The Western Academy of Photography is for me.  Next task - upgrade camera equipment – stay with Pentax or switch to Canon or Nikon.  My head swirled in technical data from the hours of research.  A decision was reached.  I am now a Nikon girl and am undergoing a steep learning curve with my D7000 but loving every moment. 

I have been winding down at work, sorting files, deleting superfluous emails and updating schedules.  I will miss my workmates and the support they offered each and every day. 
I will spend the summer cruising and getting to know my Nikon.  School starts in September.  It is a ten-month course.  I will have to face my fears, acknowledge how little I know, and rise to my expectations. 

One more sleep, one more day and I begin my new chapter.

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