Friday, September 9, 2011

Pirates In Port Townsend

I am having a peaceful time in Port Townsend.  Winston and I have been walking a lot and I even went for a run.  Considering that I have a half marathon to run in less than a month I had better get my buns moving more often, farther and faster.

While in Desolation Sound, a friend who shall not be named, had a few vodka and while on board Ta Daa misplaced her foot through my canvas.  Now in Port Townsend, I took the opportunity to have this little mishap repaired.  I also took the opportunity to have Canvas Guy give me advice about my dodger windows. 

Winston and I went for a walk into the old town to view some of the boats before the official opening.  It is going to be a grand showing of wooden boats.  While at the dock I bumped into the Customs Officer Jeff.  He let me know the Ciao had arrived and that Ritidian would be arriving about 1400 today.  He is such a nice guy.  He clearly puts to shame some of the other Customs Officers who do not think that you can be nice and still do your job well.

Once back at the Boat Haven I smelled a rat.  Upon approaching my boat, I noticed three lowly pirates in close proximity to Ta Daa.  They were trying to hide behind one skinny little life jacket.  Where is the fourth I wondered?  She had ran off.   Her pirate friends claimed she was looking for me.  Ha ha ha.  What a wonderful surprise to find the crew of Ciao waiting on Ta Daa for my and Winston’s return.  They also brought booty – a fine bottle of cool white wine.  We had a great time catching up and making plans for today.  Soon after, they toodled off into the sunset before it was too dark to navigate back to Ciao in the dinghy.   
Today will be a fine day.  While I am confortable on my own and I enjoy my own company it cannot get much better than to be with friends and family.  Did I mention the pirates are also neighbours and friends from Westbay Marina?  

Arriving tomorrow is Tara, another neighbour from Westbay.  Tara will stay with me and Winston aboard Ta Daa and she will sail home with us on Sunday.  

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