Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hola from Ecuador!


Please let me explain the lack of posts in a word — internet.

The internet in Ecuador leaves much to be desired.  It has been either no internet or a connection that is so weak I could not enter the blog site, as well as numerous other reasons.

Also, I have had a responsibility to The Third World Eye Care Society (TWECS) to update their blog.  When I have had a good internet connection, time and energy, I focused on that site.  

Please visit  for lots of information on the Ecuador project.  Also, please share this site with your family and friends to help bring awareness to a selfless cause.  More information on TWECS can be found at TWECS.CA 

As I type, I am sitting in Otavalo waiting for a cab to Quito Airport.  Now that the TWECS project is complete I can focus on my journey so please stay tuned.  As internet, time and energy is available I will update this blog.  

This is me straddling the Ecuator - a dream come true.

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