Monday, February 11, 2013


If I thought last term was busy with homework, this term is over the top!  I had to cancel my weekend with the kids in order to keep up.  This weekend alone I managed to complete at least four assignments and the required shooting for other projects due soon.  I also met with our Advanced Writing instructor to discuss the magazine that our WAP class is producing – Ethos Magazine.  It is going to be a load of work on top of our regular assignments.  I am wondering how students in the past have managed….

We also have a website that is up and running but under development.  In that website, I have a page with a bio and a picture.  Please visit my page and leave a comment.  (I am having a contest with my much younger classmates to get 50 comments on my page).  Send my blog to your friends so they can comment too!  You can find me at 

  • I have to say that this course, the projects, assignments and classmates have introduced me to more Victoria and new ideas.  Here is a bit of what I have been up to:
  • Chinese New Year – first one I have ever attended
  • Royals Hockey Game – didn’t see the game ‘cause I was shooting J
  • Idle No More Protests – great messages and a lot to learn
  • Rugby – classmate Ty Jones was playing
  • Medical marijuana – sat in the smoking room doing a photo documentary
  • First Nations Adult Learning – learning about bringing their language back
  • Barbara Hodgson and the Great Northern Boater’s Net
  • Afternoon Tea in Victoria
  • Interviewing a man terminally ill with Asbestosis
  • Learning about the importance of the drum to First Nations people.
  • Learning from the greatest instructors in the field
  • Visiting CBC radio station
  • Understanding the running of radar on the Malahat
  • Interviewing Chief Jamie Graham – VicPD
  • Writing for Island Gals Magazine
  • Published in Metchosin Muse
  • Learning, learning, learning

Thank you all for your support!  I couldn’t do it without you.

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