Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Frazzled N Dazzled!

OMG!  It has been crazy but after reading my blog, have you known my life to be anything but crazy.  Crazy in a good way…

Since returning from Maui, I have been asked to keep two, yes, two secrets!  Come on people, it is me you are asking to zip the lips.  I admit… I bumbled on one of them but to whom I bumbled they are worlds apart from the owner of the secret.  What?  Not so you say… Six degrees of separation just might get me in trouble.  We will see over the next few months if it is true.

I have been up island to visit my kids and grands.  They are all doing great.  Grand kids are back to school!  What a fun and exciting time of year.  It does bring back memories for me.  Memories of how, on the first day of school, I would be sick to my stomach.  So what am I doing now… I am back in school.  Go figure.  I started at the Western Academy of Photography on September 5.  Photojournalism will be my new profession.  Yes, I was sick to my stomach however, the instructors and other students are amazing and I already feel like it is a good fit for me – even at my ripe old age of grandma.

The Western Academy of Photography, some call it Western for short.  Textbooks, computer hardware, computer software, camera equipment, websites, business cards, extra reading material, assignments, and event shooting to name a few items are all happening at the same time.  I am frazzled and dazzled.  Just last night I did feel somewhat organized and that is a good feeling for me.  Time management will be huge to stay on top of the expectations of the instructors and my personal expectations. 

First assignment – a photo scavenger hunt - with twenty-four items around Victoria that must be shot within a certain time frame.  I can do this!  The catch.  There is always a catch.  Only one shot per item is allowed.  Taking several shots with exposure alterations is not allowed.  Oh $h!t!  Copious amounts of hours, a tank of gas and much frustration brought the first part of the assignment to conclusion Sunday night.  Humbly, during these simple twenty-four shots I have learned so much about me, my Nikon D7000, my thought process, camera disks and even Victoria.  I have come to the conclusion that all my photos are lousy but there is no place to go but up.  I am here to learn and damn it, I will learn. 

It is no surprise that Ron was there with me.  The scavenger photos took me to several locations that Ron and I had frequented.  What was unexpected was the emotion that welled up and out as I strolled and pondered my next shot.  Cattle Point we had had a corn boil and hot dog picnic with Stew and Clare.  Oak Bay Marina is where Ron and I would walk the docks browsing boats or winter storm watch during strong southeasterlies.  Clover Point we used to frequent either running to train for a race or simply walking the dog to enjoy the view.  Even taking pictures on the grounds of the Legislature brought back sweet memories of my husband.  Here we would set up tripods and take evening shots of the lighted buildings.  The list goes on…

Yes, I am the oldest in the class and proud of it.  I am surrounded by youthful energy and refreshing points of view.  When in class there appears to be no age distinction.  OK, maybe when it comes to technology - the kids are much faster and much more knowledgable than me.  They happily lend a hand or tidbits of advice which I greatly appreciate. I say if you want to feel young, stay away from the old folks homes.  Surround yourself with youth!  They are a great bunch.

Apparently I can kiss my social life good-bye.  My time is spent shooting, writing, researching, managing my photos and soon I will add photo editing.  This is more than a full time job.   Am I happy?  Absolutely.  This is bliss. 

Stay tuned…. We will see if I feel the same after the instructor critiques.  For those that know me, thank you for your inspiration to continuing to take pictures and writing.  Let’s now see if the instructors agree with your sentiments of my work.  Better yet, I will be interested to see if you notice an improvement. 

Everything is right with my world!

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