Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 5, 2012

On this day I got up as usual.  Headed into work as usual.  Turned on my computer as usual.  Put my iPhone on the docking station as usual.  First one, then another.  Happy Birthday.  My daughter send me a text – a very happy and cheery birthday text.  A co-worker brought a little gift, a hug and birthday greetings.  Soon after I fell apart.

I had told myself when I arose in the morning that this was just another day.  Nothing special.  You see, if I pretended it was nothing, it was not my birthday I would get through it.  My strategy did not work. 

Having managed to pull myself together for the afternoon, after supper I headed to my boating course.  Little did I know that my friends at the course remembered and we celebrated with baby cupcakes and a few tears.  When I got home my daughter, in cahoots with my neighbours, had flowers delivered to the boat.  To all who shared your love, thank you.  I know in my heart and soul that Ron thanks you too.

Growing up my birthday was not a big deal and often forgotten.  My reason for acceptance is that it was so soon after Christmas and New Year celebrations.  Ron changed all of that.  The two of us would have a celebration of my choice and sometimes Ron’s choice.  When I turned 50 he took me to Disneyland.  By the time we got there he had Customs Officers singing Happy Birthday and flight attendants serving us free wine. 

I saved the card that Ron gave me last year.  I have read it over and over - the sentiment is eternal.  

The outside front shows a picture of two people walking hand in hand along a path.  Above the picture it reads:

My Wife…

Below the picture:

I can’t imagine
a more wonderful partner
than you to share
this life with…

Next page:

My friend…

Thank you
for letting me be me,
for loving me as I am,
and understanding me
So well…


My love…

and always
my heart belongs
to you (and he added in his pen) and you alone

Happy Birthday

Then he penned:
Janice words cannot say or express my feelings for you and how much I love you.  Nor can I attempt to express my thoughts and feelings as we move beyond today.  But we shall as it is us.  Happy Birthday to the woman of my dreams, my everything and my LOVE!

Now, always and forever
Ron xoxoxoxoxo

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