Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ha Makai

A fresh new start.  Ha - the breath of life.  Makai - toward the sea.  I feel that these Hawaiian words capture the essence where I am in life since the death of my husband, my friend Ronald Harris.

 Ron's physical being was transferred to the spiritual being off Diamond Head  Oahu, Hawaii on March 7, 2011.  His ashes - also known as - pixie dust were sprinkled into the warm ocean waters at sunset.  A beautiful, stunning and appropriate close for a loving and romantic man.  I feel it appropriate and fitting to begin life with my spiritual Ron with a touch of Hawaii. 

For those of you not aware, Ron and I lived aboard a 45' sailboat.  While Ron is no longer with me, I continue to live aboard.  I intend to become a competent single handed sailor - which means I have to out think situations before they happen.  In my blog, I will share my thoughts, feelings, trials and tribulations of my unwanted transition.  As unwanted as it may be, it is the way it is and I must find a way to make the best of life without Ron to physically help me, to encourage me, and to support me.  He was, without a shadow of a doubt, the best husband a woman could ever want.

A breath of life is withinn me and my direction is without a doubt toward the sea.

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